Red Velvet Cake Bandung

This cake shop really deserve a compliment :)
Setelah mencoba jenis cake yang sama di tiga tempat berbeda,
menurut saya, sejauh ini Red Velvet cake dari Tartelette tetap juaranya!! :) Lihatlah cake ini (hasil patungan 8 orang -gara2 saking pinginnya hehe)

I know Tartelette from one of my senior in college. I think she’s a friend of the owner. Tartelette sells homemade pies and tarts, cakes, macaroons, and cookies. They made them by order. So you need to contact Tartelette a few days before. After your cake is finish, they’ll deliver it to your door! :D (oh, Bandung area only^^)

Be sure to check out their facebook and twitter. Beware for the beautiful and mouthwatering cakes :’)


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